Spirits (and other beverages that aren't wine)
Letherbee Distillers 'Original' Chicago, Illinois 200ml - $14

Grain Spirit w/11 botanicals

Punk Rock "Anti-Craft" craft distillers from the Windy City, Hog Butcher for the World. Distilling they do well. 'Original' because this is their base gin (they do lovely seasonal variations too). Bold, peppery & powerful in a way Mike Ditka would appreciate. -  gin

Fabio de Beaumont Il Nocino ‘Fra Amedeo’ Campania, Italy 375ml - $36

Walnuts, Walnut Husks, Cinnamon, Cloves & Nutmeg

This Nocino stands heads and shoulders above any other we've ever tasted. It is delicious and serious. A profound green-black color. Deep, dark & velvety textured with a gentle sweetness of charred walnut as well as a linear bitter nut edge. Flavor which lasts, perhaps, forever. - liqueur

Boukman 'Botanical' Rum, Haiti- $48
Sugarcane juice infused w/7 botanicals
Blend of 2 Haitian agricole rums (from fresh cane sugar, not molasses), one from the north, the other from the south. A spiced rum in the Haitian style, known clarion trempé. Absolutely not in a Cap'n Morgan style - this is totally dry with grassy, earthy, citrus notes. Lovely to sip all day long. - rhum
Two James ‘Catcher's Rye’ Detroit, Michigan - $52

100% Michigan Rye


The first (legal) distillery in Detroit since Prohibition. Two James are crafting delicious, refined spirits in the Corktown neighborhood of central Detroit, using locally agricultural products - in this case 100% rye. Warm, deep spice with dark fruit supporting, such as fig and plum. -  whiskey

Hamakawa Shoten 'Bijofu - the Gentleman' Tokubetsu Junmai, Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan - $26
Matsuyama Mitsui Rice

Located in the village of Tano, on the Pacific side of Shikoku island, wedged between the ocean & the mountains. The pristine location translates into an equally pristine sake. Tokubetsu means special - more refined than most Junmai, with zesty, almost saline mineral & fresh floral & minty flavors.  -  sake

Agrósan ‘Amaro dell’Etna’ Sicily, Italy - $39

Blood Orange base with over 15 different herbs

From a recipe over 100 years old. Most of the ingredients are grown there, on the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna including, and this is what really sets this Amaro apart, the blood oranges. Juice from the oranges is actually part of the distilled base and gives a fresh side to this lively amaro.  -  organic/amaro

Mezcal Mal Bien San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico - $40

Espadín agave

Mal Bien is something of a Mezcal négociant: they travel through rural Mexico and seek out juice that speaks of people and place as accurately as possible. This selection from mezcalero Don Lucio is cooked in a pre-Hispanic oven and shows slow roasted meats on the nose, balanced by ripe banana on the finish. -  mezcal

Helix Spirits, Champagne, France & Iceland - $25

French golden wheat & Icelandic water

Helix represents the perfect interwoven qualities of the two parts that make this vodka. Pure golden wheat is distilled in Champagne, France and sent to Iceland where it is blended down with pristine, glacial water. A sweet nose leads to a silky, clean vodka with white flowers and delicate spice.  -  vodka

Black Button ‘Four Grain Bourbon’ Rochester, New York - $55

60% Corn, 20% Wheat, 11% Malted Barley & 9% Rye

A bright nose of brown sugar and candied orange peel foreshadows really intriguing whiskey. Flavors creep in subtly, starting with a wisp of smoke, joined by some sweet char and black pepper notes. The interplay of earthy, round depth and spice is delightful.  -  sustainable/whiskey

Azteca Azul ‘Plata’ Jalisco, Mexico - $26
Blue Weber Agave

Beautiful, handmade tequila. It starts with agave grown on the red soils of the Highlands, which is cooked and cooled in traditional brick furnaces. The tequila itself is packed with fresh flavor: citrus, mint, honey, peach and subdued, green spice. All with a pleasant richness and silky texture.  -  sustainable/tequila