Red Wines
Laurent Cazottes ‘Marcotte Rouge’ Gaillac, SouthWest, France 2016 - $19
Braucol & Duras
Best known for wickedly good eau-de-vie & a leader in the organic distilling movement, his lovely wines fall through the cracks. Fully natural winemaking from his family's vineyards. This wine is dark & gamey, yet bright & lively. Small batch farmer wine from rural, southern France. -  natural
Alexander Koppitsch 'Rét' Burgenland, Austria 2017 - $20

Zweigelt & St. Laurent

Alexander Koppitsch is definitely among the next wave of Austrian natural winemakers. Working with Austrian grapes, but in a style with a nod to exciting winemaking in the Loire Valley (& elsewhere). This wine is bright & crunchy with red fruit, strong herbal notes & a pocketful of funk. - natural

Sidonio de Souza ‘Vinho d'Autor’ Bairrada, Portugal 2005  -  $50

Saying this wine is special is an ultimate understatement. Sidonio de Souza was  one of the original founders of 'Baga Friends' dedicated to the indigenous grape. Well, wow. Put this up against a similarly aged Barbaresco and watch out. Silky, red fruit, leather, tobacco and brain-sizzling elegance. -  sustainable

Agostino Pavia & Figli, Asti, Piedmont, Italy 2017 - $18


A light-bodied red grape grown primarily in Asti. Grignolino has long been a favorite of locals, but now we can enjoy it as well. Zesty, bright red fruit and an absolutely lovely, delicate texture. A light chill on this wine turns it into a mouth-watering treat. - sustainable

Joan d'Anguera ‘Altaroses’ Monsant, Catalonia, Spain 2017 - $25


The Anguera family has worked this land since 1820. The approach to vineyard work & winemaking is essentially the same: as hands-off as possible to allow the grapes to speak for their gorgeous terroir. Bright fruit and floral notes up front segue into a dark, rustic, earthy finish. - natural

Tinto de Rulo ’Pipeño', Bio-Bio Valley, Chile 2018 - $19

mostly Pais with a spattering of other grapes

3 friends began this project working 70 year old, dry-farmed bush vines. The wines are fermented & aged in old raulí barrels (an indigenous wood) and amphora. Beautifully delicate floral aromas with vibrant freshness and and satiny texture. - natural

Domaine Philippe Gilbert, Menetou-Salon, Loire Valley, France 2015 - $27

Pinot Noir

Philippe Gilbert took over this domaine that was created by a long past relative, Francois Gilbert, in 1768. The area has an ideal microclimate for Pinot Noir with warm days and cool nights, which allows for great balance of fruit and acidity in the wines. An elegant, floral wine with a soft, silky texture. - biodynamic

Porto del Vento Sicily, Italy 2011 - $33


Very old-vine vineyards some 2000 feet above Palermo, which belonged to the local co-op. Because the yields had become so low, they were going to replant them with young vines, but thankfully sold (& saved) them. Superb, earthy red fruit, so much mineral, character and elegance. - biodynamic

Fabien Jouves ‘Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirées’ Cahors, SouthWest, France 2018 - $19
Cabernet Franc & Côt (Malbec)
Fabien comes from a long line of farmers/winemakers in Cahors. He started making his own wines in 2006 & has been at the forefront of bringing natural winemaking to SouthWest France. Aged in cement & old oak, this wine is soft, dark and lovely. A great savory, cozy red wine. - natural
Clendenen Family Vineyards ‘The Pip’, Santa Maria Valley, California 2014 - $28


We love this wine because: 1) it tastes like Nebbiolo, 2) it tastes like California, 3) Jim Clendenen (of Au Bon Climat) does things right – like holding back wines until they’re ready for drinking - 2014 is his current release of this wine, 4)… not enough space, check it out for yourself. - sustainable