Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, William Parker & Gerald Cleaver - Welcome Adventure, vol. 1 
D.C. (sax, tr, fl), M.S. (p), W.P. (b) & G.C. (dr)
Recorded in NYC, October 29, 2019
This album is a perfect example of why I love Atlas' neighborhood. When I got the album, I thought to myself, is this going to be too wild to play at the shop right now? I decided that was a silly notion, put it on... and the first two customers in, independent of one another, both launched excitedly into stories about William Parker (one having seen him recently live & the other having just picked up an early album of his the day before). That's what I'm talking about Brooklyn! 
John Coltrane  -  Transition
John Coltrane (sax), McCoy Tyner (p), Jimmy Garrison (b) & Elvin Jones (dr)
Recorded June 1965 - Released 1970
Impulse Records
Transition indeed; recorded a half year after "A Love Supreme" and about a half year before the further out albums "Sun Ship" and "Om"... and it completely bridges those two eras. Beautiful playing by the whole, classic quartet with McCoy especially matching JC in richness, tone and complexity. 
Sinkane - Mars
Recorded in New York City, 2012; DFA Records
Ahmed Abdullahi Gallab (aka Sinkane) is the NYC raised son of Sudanese parents, which explains this albums fusion of Sudanese Pop, Afrobeat, Rock, Funk and Jazz (and more). Totally off our radar until it was dropped off at the shop by the good, good man, Lemuel. Thanks! It is a wickedly infectious album that has been on the turntable virtually everyday since... and that was probably 6 months ago.   
Ismael Rivera y sus Cachimbos  -  Traigo de Todo
Ismael Rivera (voc), Javier Vazquez (p), "Chocolate" Armenteros (tr), Manuel Gonzalez (sax), Harry d'Aguilar (trom), Raimundo Vazquez (b), Carlos Malcon (timbale) and Victor Gonzalez, Frankie Malabe & Sammy Ayala (perc)
Recorded at Generation Sound Studios in NYC
Fania Records; 1974
It's Summertime and this album sounds like Summertime. "Traigo de Todo", basically "bringing it all", is aptly titled - every track kills it.  
Bob Dylan  -  New Morning
Columbia Records, 1970
Bob's "New Morning", and even more so the previous album "Self Portrait", are often derided, even by Dylan fans... and I don't understand it. If you're a purist for his early, hard-edged, straight-folk music - okay, this isn't for you perhaps, but neither is a whole lot of his canon. And I'm certainly not saying that everything he's ever released is golden because, well, it certainly is not. New Morning though, is beautiful musically, lyrically and spiritually.     
Banda Black Rio - The Best of Banda Black Rio 
Oberdan Magalhaes (sax), Lucio da Silva (trom), Carlos Darcy (trom), Barrosinho (tr), Jamil Joanes (b), Claudio Stevenson (g) Cristovão Bastos (key), Luiz Carlos Santos (dr), Bebeto (perc) and Abobora & Gerson (voc)
Universal Sound; 1996
Tropicalia meets Earth, Wind and Fire. This is a wonderful, though perhaps a bit shady, compilation from Universal Sound records. My understanding is that a lot of their releases were hit by lawsuits related to royalties and such and disappeared. That's not good, but this release was my introduction to Banda Black Rio (two and a half decades ago - yikes!), who have since had a handful of more legitimate reissues (in different formats).  
Makaya McCraven - In The Moment
International Anthem Recording Co.; 2015
percussionist Makaya McCraven w/ Matt Ulery (b), Marquis Hill (tr), Justefan (vibes), Jeff Parker (g), Josh Abrams (b), De'Sean Jones (sax), Junius Paul (b) & Tony Barba (sax)
We literally swapped out Makaya's previous LP for this one. Not better, just different (currently, we like it more, but that's because it's fresh to our ears). I'm personally getting a lot of late 90s/early 00s DJ Krush vibes from this album - and I couldn't be happier about it. This guy is: killing. it. right. now. Another, related LP that is getting some solid play here is Junius Paul's "Ism" -  also on this LP & also on International Anthem Recordings - two birds/one stone.
Tenor Saw - Fever
Tenor Saw (voc), Robbie Shakespear (b), Danny Thompson (b & g), Sly Dunbar (dr) Barnabas & Orangutan (perc), Steelie Johnson (key) + more - produced by Sugar Minott
Recorded Kingston, Jamaica; 1985
With the possible exception of a couple of Gregory Isaacs albums, no reggae record gets more year-in-year-out, consistent play in here than this one. And why this is not steadily ranked as one of the top five reggae albums of all time baffles my mind. Tenor's amazing voice and delivery... the quirky wonders of the newfound Casio keyboards... the production and playing is so incredibly tight and loose at the same time. This is what fun sounds like.