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Alphonse Mellot 'La Moussiere' Sancerre, France 2017 - $34
100% Sauvignon Blanc
"Sancerre is a fickle beast. It can get a bad rap amongst us wine folk due to it's rising prices that often don't reflect quality, not to mention it's reputation as being a frankly boring wine. Thankfully, producers like Alphonse Mellot are making serious juice in a traditional style, and I'm in love. Plus the estate is over 500 years old. That's no typo. Oh, and it's biodynamic, but you would never guess that. It's lively and pops out of the glass with lemon, insane mineral, and incredible harmony. " - Matthew 3/14
Subject to Change 'Moon Juice', Mendocino, California 2018 - $26

70% Zinfandel & 30% Syrah

"I am sometimes accused of having an Old World bias for my wine selections. Phooey, I say. Gimme a delicious wine from any where on the planet (or beyond... did you know there's a Japanese sake made with yeasts created at zero gravity on the international space station? That's not a recommendation though.), and I'll champion it! Well, 'Moon Juice' - and I had not even thought about the name when I went off on that last tangent - is delicious Mendocino juice in truth. 50% carbon maceration - 50% traditional - 100% chillable-delicious-savory-juiciness. Glou glou to the max. California, I'll give you props any day."  -  Karl 5/24

Domaine Masson-Blondelet 'Les Angelots' Pouilley-Fumé, Loire Valley, France 2017  -  $30 

Sauvignon Blanc

"An epitome of elegance. The sister and brother team of Michelle and Jean-Michel Bisson are: a) absolutely lovely people & b) a quiet force in the eastern Loire. Their wines are exceptional. Their passion for local history is intense. Their knowledge of the land (in a balance of ecology sense) is deep. And their winemaking is pure, honest & precise. Theirs are natural wines, with minimal intervention all along the way, but they are also 100% clean and always perfectly balanced wines. Sancerre's got nothing on Pouilley-Fumé, except perhaps a nicer view." - Karl 7/20

Kakha Tchotiashvili Tavkveri, Kakheti, Georgia 2016 - $34

100% Tavkveri

"This wine is something of a mystery. So much so, that I can't find much info on it. All I know is that it's weird, wonderful, and delicious. The grape Tavkveri is an ancient Georgian varietal that's barely cultivated any more, but Kakha loves it, although he considers it difficult to work with. The wine almost drinks like Cru Beaujolais, but with that earthy tone that Qvevri aging gives to reds. High acid, incredibly herbaceous, with precise fruit that's in the blackberry family. A truly one-of-a-kind red."  -  Matthew 3/14

Il Censo 'Praruar' Sicily, Italy 2016 - $30

"So this one almost feels like cheating... of course I'm going to select this wine. Gaetano Gargano is a friend of the legendary, natural winemaker Giampiero Bea (& a fan of his labels apparently too). I've been preaching the virtues of Catarratto as one of the best white grapes out there for a while now too. Combine the magical volcanic soils, the expert winemaking & this miraculous grape and you can't lose. Extended skin-contact (making this an 'orange wine') gives this wine extraordinary texture to go with notes of white peach, dried apricot, black tea and stony earth. Grab it while you can - when it's gone, it won't come back for another year... and it won't linger for long."- Karl 7/20

Harrington 'Sumu Kaw Vineyard', Sierra Foothills, California 2015  $33   Mouvedre

"This wine makes the case for New World natural wine making. Bryan Harrington, an urban winemaker in San Francisco makes precise, beautiful, intentional, wines. Sourcing from sites around California that can only be described as incredible, from 150 year old Zinfandel vines to niche plots of trousseau and corvina. The Mourvedre is deep and earthy with beautiful violet and blackolive notes. For a wine with so much depth, there is still a wonderful freshness in the glass, some might even say it taste  alive." - Jess 6/6  


Zephyr Riesling, Marlborough, New Zealand 2018 - $19



"Those who know me know that I love German and Austrian Riesling. It may come as a shock, then, that I'm advocating for this little number from New Zealand. Trust me, I'm just as surprised as you. The Zephyr hits all the notes I'm looking for in an affordable Riez: bursts of tropical fruit, a touch of petrol on the nose, and gobs of acidity. I'll take 'em off-dry or dry, but this one happens to be dry. It's sourced from a sustainable single plot at Glover Family Vineyards."  - Matthew 8/5

Parés Baltá ´Brut Cava´$18 

Xarel-lo, Macabeau, Parellada


"Did you know in Catalonia and much of Spain actually Cava is an everyday wine? In fact made to specifically compliment everything from heavy meats to seafood! After tasting the Parés Baltá Cava I gained a new understanding of how a wine can be both an everyday drinker and special at the same time. Clean, refreshing, and bursting with minerality, there is still a lovely balance of orchard fruit. This family has been making wine for 230 years, and the experience shows. Bonus this wine is under $20!  -Jess 6/6