Summer of fun - Summer of rum

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Summer of fun - Summer of rum

There are plenty of great choices out there and you should do what works best for you: "Summer of Gin" - "Verano de Mezcal" - A Riesling-theme has always been popular for the last decade or so... but we're going with RUM! Why not?! It's delicious, super-versatile and, in comparison to other spirit categories, perhaps the best value in town. Some of our selections are listed below and, at the bottom of the page you'll find some tasty rum cocktail recipes (more coming soon).


Denizen "Aged White Rum" - Jamaica/Trinidad - $21

Aged and white? Yes, it's true. A blend of rums from Trinidad and Jamaica, which are charcoal filtered to remove (most of) the color, but retain the roundness of a briefly aged rum. A daiquiri-delight... a great mixer... clean and fresh enough to sip on the rocks (with a squeeze of lime?). 


Panama-Pacific "9 Year Old" - Panama - $40

This is classic rum. And, of course it is, because it's made by the former Cuban Minister of Rum. Literally. Cuba has a Minister of Rum and Francisco Fernandez used to hold that position. Now he lives in Panama and makes this rum. Deep, lush, luxuriant and sophisticated.


Clairin Sajous - Haiti - $48

Clairin is a distinctly Haitian mode of rum... or rhum. Like Rhum Agricole, it is made directly from freshly pressed sugarcane juice. Unlike Rhum Agricole from the French colonies (Martinique, Guadeloupe), it does not need specified aging routines and other appellation-like rules. And in Haiti, there are a plethora of wild sugarcane varieties that don't exist anywhere else on the planet... so the flavor/aroma palate is so much broader than anything else in the rum world. Approach this as an Agricole Rhum Blanc with a nod to Mezcal. 


Rhum J.M. "V.O. Rhum Agricole" - Martinique - $42

Agricole Rhum is a special breed... and it would be difficult to argue that any place does it better than the small island of Martinque. Martinique and Guadeloupe are territories of France and their agricole rhums fall under French appellation status. The high quality and level of sophistication shows. And, Rhum J.M. is arguably the king of the island.  


Boukmon "Botanical" Rhum - Haiti - $48

Boukmon is a unique creature. Distilled from fresh sugarcane juice (so, a Clairin) from a sugarcane variety called Madame Mevs, which is exclusive to Haiti. It's distilled and then a cold maceration occurs using native woods and barks (liane bandé, zou’devant, campèche, bois cochon, and oak), dried bitter orange peel, whole allspice, whole cinnamon ceylonica, whole clove, and natural extracts of vanilla and bitter almond. 


Hamiliton – Pot Still Black Rum - Jamaica - $34 (1 liter)

A blend of rums from the Worthy Park distillery, selected by rum master Ed Hamilton. Filled to the brim with dark, earthy flavor... with a bit more nuance than other black rums in the game.


Providence “Dunder & Syrup” - Haiti - $50

Dunder is essentially the liquid left in the still after a distilling run. It is rich in flavor, texture and funk and here it is poured into the next fresh batch to add it's special sauciness. Robust and powerful? yes... but it still retains lush texture and a clean, provocative flavor profile.


any rum recipes have to start with...


2oz - Denizen "Aged White Rum" (or try Providence "Dunder & Syrup" if you want a more robust version)

1oz - fresh lime juice

3/4oz - simple syrup (mix equal parts sugar & hot water until dissolved)

--- pour ingredients over ice in a shaker - shake - strain into a glass and garnish with a wheel of lime.


the quick and easy classic...


2 parts - Hamilton "Pot Still Black Rum"

3 parts - spicy ginger beer (such as Reed's)

--- pour over ice with a squeeze of lime - couldn't be easier


feelin' smooth and jazzy?...


2 oz - Panama-Pacific "9 Year Old" Rum

1/2oz - Bordiga Sweet Vermouth

1tsp - honey syrup (equal parts honey & hot water until dissolved)

2 dashes - Peychaud's bitters

--- combine ingredients over ice; stirring works better than shaking, because of the honey. Serve over a large ice cube with an orange slice. 


old-style sophistication...


6 - mint leaves

3/4oz - fresh lime juice

1oz - simple syrup (mix equal parts sugar & hot water until dissolved)

2oz - Panama-Pacific "9 Year Old" Rum

2 dashes - Peychaud's bitters

2oz - dry sparkling wine (Champagne, Cava or Crémant: Josep Foraster Cava is a great choice)

--- in a cocktail shaker, muddle mint with lime juice and simple syrup. Add rum, bitters and ice - shake well. Strain into a coupe (or whatever glass suits your fancy) and top with sparkling wine.