introducing.... Florèz Wines

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One our favorite, new, domestic winemakers... no, check that, one of our favorite, new winemakers, who just happens to be domestic: Florèz Wines. Created just a couple years ago by James Jelks, who grew up in Santa Cruz and went to wine school at UC Davis. He is farming some vineyards himself, always dry-farmed, and is also sourcing some fruit from organic and sustainable vineyards. He always works with native yeasts, does not use additives except for a minimal amount of sulfur at bottling, and does not filter the wines. He doesn't make a ton of wine, so there isn't much to go around, but he's still flying just slightly under the radar and we are fortunate enough to have a few Florèz wines (Florès Wines wines) in stock currently. Our advice is to jump on 'em while they're still around... because they're delicious!



Florèz Wines "Shangra-Li Mendo Savvy-B" Sauvignon Blanc 2019  -  $25

Florèz Wines "White Rhino" Grenache Blanc 2019  -  $28

Florèz Wines "Pope's Smoke" Grenache Noir 2019  -  $28

Florèz Wines "Free Solo" 2019  -  $32