Ted Coleman Band - Taking Care of Business

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Ted Coleman Band - Taking Care of Business

Ted Coleman - vibes, piano, vocals / George Naha - guitar / Tim Tindall - bass / Ethan Rips - guitar / Al Woods Jr - drums / David Stone - congos / Albert "Ali" Reyes - bongos / David Nuding - drums


Recorded: GT Recording Studio - Long Beach, NJ

released: JSR Records, 1980 / rereleased: P-Vine Records, 2021


TCB stands for both Ted Coleman Band and Taking Care of Business. Not to be confused with the BTO song (which is Takin'... instead of Taking... anyway).


This is my "Spring is in the air" inspirational pick. Ted Coleman is a New Jersey based vibraphonist, still actively playing and recording. This was his first recording, made in 1979. While the obvious analogy is to Roy Ayers, with its sun-drenched disco grooves... it is definitely its own animal. If anything, I would say that it sounds like a lost Roy Ayers recording that was produced by Steely Dan... so, songs with a similar message and energy, but with more synth, slappy bass and yacht-rock guitar licks. A mix of instrumentals and vocal tracks, it is tight from beginning to end. After a couple hectic summers, if this year is one-quarter as slick and smooth as this record, we're in for a treat. If it's not, well, perhaps this can be the balm we need. 


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