Liam Bailey - Ekundayo

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Liam Bailey - Ekundayo

Liam Bailey - vocals, guitar & keyboards / Leon Michels - keyboards, bass, drum, sax & more / Nick Movshon - drums & guitar / Rich Terrana - drums / Preet Patel - bass


Recorded at: The Legendary Diamond Mine - Queens, NYC

Big Crown Records; 2020


This record was recommended to me from a trusted friend and I loved it the instant I placed the needle down. The really fascinating thing though, is that it somehow gets better every time I listen to it. And I'm not even exaggerating here... it sounds better every time you hear it... and I've listened to it A LOT! 


Liam has a beautiful, soft, rootsy voice - he's not Gregory Isaacs... there's more honesty and searching, but that soothing energy is there. Musically, the album goes from completely stripped down folk-like numbers to smooth, modern reggae groovers like The Frightnrs album from a couple years ago. No surprise there, with Leon Michels in the mix for both this and that LP.



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