Lee Moses - Time and Place

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Lee Moses - Time and Place

Lee Moses - guitar & vocals -- musical credits are not given to any of the other musicians on the album that I could find. The most I could find was that it was recorded with musicians he regularly played with, including members of the Ohio Players.  


Recorded: New York 1970 or '71

Released: Maple Records; 1971 -- reissued various times


This album is gold. Lee Moses, from Atlanta, toured around the country in his younger years (late 1950s & 60s) playing his funky, bluesy, Southern-styled R&B alongside contemporaries such as a then unknown Jimi Hendrix (to whom his guitar playing is oft compared). He played with fellow Atlantan Gladys Knight frequently, turning down her repeated attempts to recruit him as a member of the Pips. Sadly though, this is his only recorded album. It was commercially unsuccessful at the time of its release (though has since developed a cult-like following among soul and R&B fans) and resulted in Lee becoming dejected with the music industry and returning to Atlanta, where he lived out the rest of his life in obscurity.


I know there are many stories like this one. So sad, but so exciting to find such an overlooked treasure. Time and Place is composed of a mix of covers and originals, all steeped in raw, gritty funk. The version of "California Dreaming'" could be compared to Bobby Womack's version, but I prefer Lee's. The track "Hey Joe" - best known by Jimi Hendrix's version - is radically different and wonderful. The title track... just seek it out and give it a listen. 


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