Kosuke Mine Quintet - Mine

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Kosuke Mine Quintet - Mine

Kosuke Mine - alto & soprano sax / Takashi Imai - trombone / Hideo Ichikawa - Fendor piano / Takashi Mizuhashi - bass / Hiroshi Murakami - drums


Recorded: August 4th & 5th, 1970; AOI Studio - Tokyo, Japan
Released: Three Blind Mice Records
Reissued: Le Très Jazz Club


Oh boy, unearthing the Japanese jazz world... what a grand and glorious venture. Over the past few years, BBE Records, out of England, has released several Japanese Jazz compilations of music from the late 1960s - mid 1980s. They're all great and highly recommended. I'm not positive if Kosuke Mine is represented on them - I wouldn't be surprised if he was, I just didn't check before sitting to write this (sorry). I know of the Kosuke Mine Quintet from an earlier compilation of Japanese Jazz put out by a small Japanese reissue label called Shibuya Jazz Classics. They reissued some fun things - mostly 7"s as I recall. There was a 2 CD compilation though, compiled by Nobukazu Takemura, that was made up entirely of music from the record label Three Blind Mice. To this day, whenever I stumble upon a Three Blind Mice LP (which is extraordinarily rare), it is a fight to put it down.


I don't know much about Kosuke Mine. He was born in Tokyo and took up music at an early age - clarinet, then evolving to saxophone. He played with a number of prominent Japanese musicians as a young man as well as Joe Henderson and Mal Waldron (who both played a great deal in Japan). He moved to New York City in 1973 to play here, but only stayed a couple years before returning home and continuing to play. As far as I can tell, he was still recording music into the 1990s, but I know nothing beyond that (stop into the shop and tell me, if you have a scoop). 


This LP was recorded in 1970, so before his brief move to NYC. 3 originals and a Joe Henderson number. If you walked in on side 2 without knowing who was playing, you would think it was Miles Davis "In A Silent Way" - high praise, in my opinion.  


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