Eddie Palmieri - Lucumi Macumba Voodoo

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Eddie Palmieri - Lucumi Macumba Voodoo

Eddie Palmieri - piano, vocals, more / Charlie Palmieri - piano, organ, percussion / Francisco Aguabella - conga, percussion / Charlie Cotto - timbali / Chucky Lopez - bongo / Rubin Maldinardo - claves, tom-tom / Dom Um Romao - percussion / Bobby Colomby - drums, vocals / Francisco Centeno - bass, guitar / Sal Cueves - electric bass / Neil Stubenhaus - bass / Steve Kahn - guitar / Clifford Carter - synthesizer... many more including a horn section, strings and numerous vocalists.


Recorded CBS Studios - Studio B; New York, NY

Epic Records, 1978


Do I think this is Eddie Palmieri's best record? Nope. Is it my favorite Eddie Palmieri record? Mmm, probably not. Does it get played more than any of my other Eddie Palmieri records? It sure does. There is plenty of serious salsa here, but it also has a whole lot of funky-electro-disco-y-jazziness. In typical Eddie Palmieri fashion, the band is incredibly lush and wickedly tight. The percussion section alone is about as star-studded as you could ever come across. I have always maintained you can put this record on side-by-side with Donald Byrd's "Places & Spaces" and switch back-and-forth seamlessly throughout the entirety of both albums. I don't know about you, but that seems like a serious compliment to me. This is clearly a NEW YORK CITY salsa album in all of it's 1970s splendor... perfect for anytime, but especially joyous in the Summer. 


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