Don Cherry - Brown Rice

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Don Cherry - Brown Rice

Don Cherry – trumpet, voice, piano / Charlie Haden – bass / Billy Higgins – drums / Frank Lowe – ten sax / additional instrumentation by: Ricky Cherry, Bunchie Fox, Verna Gillis, Moki and Hakim Jamil


Recorded in New York City and Woodstock, NY; 1975

A&M Records


Don Cherry - the musician, not the hockey announcer – first garnered attention as part of Ornette Coleman’s groundbreaking quartet. On Brown Rice, he is joined by that quartet’s original rhythm section, Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins, among others. This is an album that is difficult to classify – avant garde jazz certainly, but it also has an element of experimental electronic music with plenty of influence by African, Arabic and South Asian music. The album is simply hypnotic and easily my favorite Don Cherry album (and that’s coming from a large and celebrated library of releases). There is so much flavor and texture in this album; both quirky and soulful… all qualities found in a wonderful wine, I might add.


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