Bremer/McCoy - Natten

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Bremer/McCoy - Natten

Jonathan Bremer - bass / Morten McCoy - piano & electronics


Luaka Pop Recording, 2021


I know very little about Bremer/McCoy. They're from Copenhagen, I believe. They met in school (kindergarten? high school? university? culinary?... I don't have the details). I guess they started out playing reggae/dub music and have followed an evolutionary path since. You know, sometimes you try to do a little research, fall down a myriad of rabbit holes and come out the other end having wasted the better part of an afternoon.


What do I know about this LP?! It's beautiful. "Natten" means night in Danish, and the press release says that they drew "inspiration from the end of day, that regenerative time under the constellations when our lives look different" - perhaps exactly what we all are seeking out in these seemingly unending Covid times. The music is at a junction of jazz, vaguely-ambient-electronic, neo-classical with environmental and dubby elements thrown in. We've had a lot of this going on in the shop - on the spectrum from Motohiko Hamase, Andrew Wasylyk and the Misha Panfilov Sound Combo on the one side to Amanda Whiting and Pharaoh Sanders with Floating Points on the other (see: several of the recent blog posts below). I know I am doing a poor job of describing it here, but give it a listen... it has provided a welcome sense of serenity around here.    


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