The Atlas Wine Merchants Wine Club is fun, educational and, most of all, delicious. The idea is to provide exciting new wines each month for you and your friends to enjoy, while hopefully at the same time expanding your understanding and appreciation for wine.


Each month an individual “theme” is selected; such as a grape variety, a wine region/wine growing environment or an unusual winemaking tradition. We discuss the theme in order to bring greater appreciation to the wines selected each month, which are chosen for their representative qualities. We hope it will also bring a greater perception and more enjoyment for wines you consume in general.

- You, or your gift recipient, will receive 1, 2 or 3 bottles of wine at the beginning of each month along with a detailed sheet that includes information about the wine producer(s), the varietal(s) and region as well as tasting notes and more.

- Wine Club members may purchase additional bottles of each month’s wine selections at a 15% discount for the entire month.  

- A revolving monthly selection of additional wines will be available at a 10% discount for Wine Club members only.

- All cases will be discounted 15% (as opposed to 10% for non-Wine Club members) 

- "Tier 1" - one bottle a month - $20/month + tax & S/H*
- "Tier 2" - two bottles a month - $40/month + tax & S/H*
- "Tier 3" - three bottles a month - $60/month + tax & S/H*
Wines will be sent out the first week of each month. Wine Club membership is for a minimum of 6 months and will continue until we are notified to suspend it. Credit card will be charged each month when the wines are sent out.
*S/H charges do not apply for in-store pick-up of wines. 
This Month's Wine Club Theme:
AUGUST 2020  -  Veneto
Well, we're not allowed to travel there currently, but we can still enjoy the wines at least. The Veneto region, centered around Venice, is home to a huge amount of wine, in a wide variety of styles: from crisp, light whites, to sparkling Prosecco, to rich and luxurious Amarone wines... and some many style in between. This month, to beat the heat, we will take a look at some of the lighter, fresher styles of wine produced in this lovely region - you know, perfect for the season. Cin-cin!

JULY 2020  -  The Grapes of Vinho Verde (Portugal)

People think of Vinho Verde, if they think of it at all, for inexpensive, fizzy wines perfect for casual, summer enjoyment. Yes, that's the same Vinho Verde (region), but it is only a small part of a much bigger picture. This month we will look closer at the unique region, wise special location is home to some uncommon traditions and a whole slew of fantastic and distinct indigenous grapes.

JUNE 2020  -  An Explanation of Appellations

Appellations are legally defined and protected geographical labels, which define the particular wines (and other foods) of a specific location. Wait. Appellations are the set of rules, which govern how a wine can be made in a specific area. Mmmm. Appellations are system of protecting and promoting distinctive wines from particular places. Like many things in the wine world, achieving an understanding of what appellations are, and what their use is, can be informative, confusing and, hopefully, interesting. 
MAY 2020  -  the southern Rhône Valley

This month will be a quick exploration of the mighty wines from this southern France powerhouse of a region.
APRIL 2020  -  Orange Wines
The wine world is all abuzz for "Orange Wine" - What are they? Where have they been all of our lives? Why are they so delicious? This month - while we're all locked down - we decided to treat ourselves to an extra special look at one of the hottest categories out there. 
MARCH 2020  -  Galicia
This small, remote corner of Spain is home to a unique part of the country, quite unlike any other. The language. The climate. And most importantly for us - the wines. The bottles coming out of this modest region are increasingly dynamic, one-of-a-kind splendors that we are happy to explore with you. 
FEBRUARY 2020  -  Grenache
Whether it goes by Grenache - Garnacha - Garnatxa - or any number of other pseudonyms, it is an old and widely planted variety. It is used to make world class wines all over the world, and it has evolved in different ways to enable the production of a tremendous array of different wine styles to be made. 
JANUARY 2020  -  New World Wines for the New Year
It's a brand new year - in fact, it's a brand new decade - so let's celebrate it! And how better to do so than with wines from the New World?! How are they different than Old World wines? Why are they different? Let's explore.... 
DECEMBER 2019  -  the under appreciated & thoroughly amazing wines of Languedoc

Once known as the "Wine Lake" for the huge quantity of bland, bulk wine the region produced, Languedoc has quietly evolved into one of the most exciting wine regions in all of France. Great value can be found there - along with tremendous quality and remarkably unique expressions of wine.
NOVEMBER 2019  -  Eastern Loire Valley*
An asterisk because that was the much abbreviated name for the working title of the month’s theme. The full banner is more along the line of “Wines from the Lesser Known Appellations of the Loire Valley (Which also Happen to be Wonderful for Thanksgiving Dinner)” – a name that sounds like a poorly chosen dissertation topic.