I can get wordy, so buckle-up.

First and foremost, we love this neighborhood. I moved to Dekalb & Washington in 1996 and have been in and around there pretty much ever since. To me, it's the friendliest, funkiest and among the most beautiful neighborhoods in all of Brooklyn (and therefore NYC). When the opportunity arose to open the shop in this location, I jumped at it because there is no place I'd rather be. Change is a constant in every New York neighborhood, but we hope to be a welcome change and, hopefully someday, an anchor for the community. We want to share what we love with the neighborhood; whether it's wines & spirits, music, a book or film tip or just an entertaining story.

Atlas' focus: This is a two part answer. The first could be considered geographic. We are always excited to try a wine or spirit from the most random corner of the world and are continually seeking out a taste of a rare, indigenous varieties. At the same time, we'll never turn up our noses to the more celebrated wine regions of the world; Tuscany and the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and California will all be found on our shelves. We're also champions of local products, so there will always be a well curated selection of New York wines and spirits here.

The second part of our focus could perhaps be called methodology. The wonderful growth of green markets and "foodie" culture have brought a terrific awareness of how and from where your meats and produce come to your tables. We want to make the connection that wine is just as much an agricultural product as your free range eggs, your organic broccoli or grass fed beef. The selection of wines in our shop is focused on smaller producers who work in tune with nature to make delicious wines. The bulk of our offerings are organic, biodynamic and/or natural wines. We believe that's better for our planet, better for ourselves and, most importantly, they taste better.


And finally, we know wine shops can be intimidating places for people and we would like to erase that notion. We are always happy to talk about our wines and spirits and we try to provide as much information as possible on our shelf-talkers. We have tastings every week and offer a more in depth Wine Club (see tabs on the homepage for more details about those) so everyone can expand their palate a little bit and have an easy way of exploring the types of wines and spirits we stock. We also carry delicious wines for every type of budget, from our bountiful and always evolving '$15 & Under' table to highly allocated and sought-after wines for a special occasion. 


We’ve enjoyed the short period we have been open and meeting our neighbors and we look forward to many more years and new faces in the future.